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Over the Christmas break the team worked hard getting the car back in to working order after the damage at ADGP round 2 in Perth! Justin from Horse Power Solutions worked his magic on the LS3 now giving us 745 NM of torque at the wheels! Round 3 of ADGP was held on the South Circuit at Eastern Creek, this time we had the car set up to suit the track running the 3.9 diff gears.  By the second practice session we had the car pretty much dialled and on line ready for qualifying, this was the first time we had lined up for qualifying with the same set up we had been practicing with all day



In qualifying we laid down 1 clean run, on the second run we throw down everything we had which put us in 2nd place on 67.5 points. We had guest judge Matt Powers here from USA (formula drift competitor), the track layout he designed ran a lot of outside clipping points allowing the chase car to tuck up on the inside of the lead car (making it a good show for spectators and overall an awesome track to drive). Sunday did not kick of the way we had planned with the LS3 missing under load in the first practice session.


. Ivan from Moto Solutions was hunting down the problem, we replaced plugs, leads and pulse cleaned all the injectors but still had the problem, our next step was to get the dater log of the car we found it was dropping 40psi of fuel pressure, this lead us to replacing the fuel pumps and flushing the fuel system. With no track time to spare we struggled to test the car, just driving around in the car park we were able to see it was still breaking down under load, we hooked up the lap top for one last time to see that the crank angle sensor was missing its home count, With Brad Tuohy lending a hand and Gavin Edwards lending us some parts of his car we managed to resolve the problem with minuets to spare before our top 16 battle (we had missed all practice throughout the day and the top 16 paraded lap). We won our first battle with Matt Russell in his tough 86 that put us in to the top 8 up against Mick Rosenblatt in his v8 powered r32 skyline 2 good runs but we secured the win!


Next up was Andy Gray in his Jzx100 from Japan, we had the advantage on our lead lap, we were pushing hard on our chase tho Andy had a spin on turn 2 with no room move we made contact both cars were towed of the track and back in the pits! Everyone in the pits lent a hand to get the Exedy s15 back on track for the finals (the car wasn’t in best shape but it would have to do) Our battle for first place was with Rob White the Current ADGP Champion, us being the hire qualifier meant we lead first, we scored 0-10 to us on our lead run giving us a massive advantage we still pushed hard on our chase run and doing so gave us the WIN. We are now sitting 4th place tied with Mick Rosenblatt – with one more round with one more round left in the champion ship! 






4,390km and a 46 hour drive, the team decided to put the car and all the gear into a container and train it over to Perth – the team flew over a few days before the event to make sure the car and gear had all arrived on time and in one piece! Before this even we had been testing different diff gears to suit the smaller tracks, we set the car up with 3.9 gears to suit the smaller track that ADGP ran back in 2012 – this year they decided to use a different layout using turn one which is a high 4th gear entry.

Drift DropOff S15 Exedy Burnout Levi Clarke

After the first practice session on the Saturday we decided to remove some grip from the car so we could use 4 gear throughout the whole track, we went up in tyre pressure by 10 PSI, stiffened the dampeners on the Racing Logic coilovers and removed the 3D wing this allowed us to (just) hold 4th gear not quite on the line that was required but would get us through qualifying! Throughout the day we made some minor adjustments and had the car dialled for qualifying. It was on our first lap of the last practice session we had big hit with Beau Yates in his new Toyota 86, bending all front and rear drivers side arms and bending 2 rims! Ivan, Daryll and Shaun had 40min to replace all arms and get it back on the ground ready to qualify – with the car being untested with new arms/eye-alignment we took it easy to secure a place in the top 32 we manage to qualify 16.


That night we swapped out the 3.9 diff gears for Daigo Saito’s 4.1 two way. After testing the new diff Sunday morning we were confident with running the line that was laid out by the judges.


We won our first battle against Brandis Laine in his R32 Skyline, this put us through to top 16.

ADGP round 2 barbagallo raceway levi clarke exedy racing team

Once again up against Beau Yates, Beau had a spin on his lead lap resalting in us having yet another crash, the impact snapped his rear knuckle and bent ours this put him out for the weekend. We had to pull the rear end out of the Exedy S15 and replace drive shaft, top traction arm and bend the tow arm back straight in time for our top 8 battle against Dale Campaign – we had a clean lead run tho in our chase run behind Dale we couldn’t maintain enough drive up the hill for the switch forced us to run a shallow line and couldn’t extend to the last ourter clipping point, this knocked us out and left us finishing in 8th for the weekend!



Sydney Motor Sport Park  is the home of the WTAC which attracts a wide range of cars and teams from all around the globe and each year it keeps getting bigger and bigger with 32 Teams Drifting this year.


As there was only a week between Round 1 of the ADGP and WTAC it meant that we had no time to go out and get any extra track time. We had a busy week with some slight changes to the car to pass Cam’s also we gave the car a fresh wrap and a few tweaks to the wheel alignment. Justin from Horse Power Solutions also gave it another run on the dyno for us just to make sure everything was still performing at its peak. All A Okay!

TPR media 3 hires

We left the Gold Coast on the Wednesday night and drove straight through arriving in Sydney on Thursday just in time for the drivers briefing. Thursday afternoon was practice which was absolutely awesome being able to drive against some of the top name drivers from overseas. With practice done and dusted we were set for qualifying Friday night! Unfortunately we had another teething problem – as we were lining up for our first qualifying run we had a fire in the engine bay


(turned out to be a piece of rubber between the heat wrap and exhaust, setting the heat wrap alight) if that wasn’t going to get the adrenalin started nothing was. Once the firey gave the car the okay we were able to re-enter the track and have another practice but we only had time for one qualifying run. We qualified 23rd which lined us up against Matt Mingay. I didn’t get a chance to run against him in the practice runs so I was unsure how hard to follow. First run was Matt’s lead – we were hot on the chase and emulated his massive entry speed but unfortunately on the switch he lost some speed and I was unable to emulate – hence I hit his tail light with my driver’s door putting us both into a spin. My lead run was what the judges wanted to see but I couldn’t regain the points lost from touching Matt – Matt got through to the top 16!


ADGP ROUND 1 Mallala Raceway

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This was a massive trip over to Adelaide from the Gold Coast ( as many experienced ) 29 hours travelling in the truck. It was the longest trip so far pushing our Izuzu to its limits. This was our first outing for  our newly built S15, our nerves were stretched to breaking point to say the least. We arrived at Mallala Motor Sport Park on the Friday afternoon to get our display set up and also fit extra components for the hydraulic hand brake before we could go to scrutineering later that day.

EXEDY Racing Team 2 - Luke Hobbs Photography


The guest judges for the round were Chris Forsberg, Formula Drift USA 2009 Champion and Gaz Whiter 2008 – 2011 NZ Drifting Champion! The ADGP event runs over 2 days, Saturday being practice and qualifying then Sunday for the battles! After doing the track walk with the judges and finding out the requirements, we were pretty confident that we knew what they wanted – we just had to do it.


In our first couple of practice sessions we were just getting the feel for the car and trying to get a grip for on this whole new setup. The hand brake still wasn’t 100% but it was doable. The V8 was a massive step from the usual Turbo setup that I was used to. Our qualifying didn’t go quite to plan.  As I went out to the lineup on the dummy grid something just didn’t feel right – it turned out that the lower control arms had come loose which ended up moving our whole front end forward. We gave it a quick eye alignment and hoped for the best as it was straight into qualifying with no practice with the adjustments.

EXEDY Racing Team 7 - Luke Hobbs Photography

First qualifying went out the window as we didn’t enter hard enough which meant that our second run was our only real chance to qualify. It still wasn’t the run that I hoped it would be but I managed to qualify 17th. This meant that on the Sunday our first battle was against Danny Vahoumis in his 2J powered S15. Unfortunately for us on minimal points between us he managed to scrape through to the top 16. We had a great day watching the rest of the competition a little sad that we weren’t still in the battles. We have had a massive 4 month lead up to this weekend and could not be happier with the way the car performed on its first outing.

EXEDY Racing Team 5 - Brett Jones

Last Sunday was the first round of the All-Star Invitational held at Archerfield! It was awesome to get back out to our home track in the R32.4! we came of a bit bruised and batted but in 3RD place!

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exedy racing team 4

Couldn’t have asked for better weather!

exedy racing team

New driver?


exedy racing team 2

Dan Rasell was pushing hard in his beast!


Awesome shot from


exedy racing team 3

Massive thanks to the crew for keeping the car on song all day!! Also thanks to Simon from Reckless DC for the loan of his battery!


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The Exedy Racing Team attended Calder Park for the biggest DRIFT event to ever hit the shores of Australia!

ADGP exhibition round on Saturday  with the top 8 drivers from ADGP going head to head with the world’s best at round 1 of Formula Drift Asia series on Sunday!

And WOW want an awesome atmosphere it is down at the THUNDERDOME, the serenity of the abandoned race track gives it a true unique feel and with some of the biggest and best drivers from around the world! We were stoked to be a part of such a big milestone in the Australian drifting scene!

On the Saturday we were out in the first practice session, the exedy soarer was loving the banked corners and we had just started dialling into the track, but unfortunately we blew up the fully forged 2JZ on our 5 lap. We didn’t let this get to us as the large crowds that attended the event made it all worthwhile!

We did have the pleasure of helping Daigo “ninja” Saito  on the Sunday for his qualifying session! We were up in the grand stand and supporting the aussies in the finals was awesome to see Tom Monkhouse and josh boettcher finsh 2 and 3rd well done guys!


 This is just one of the neat little country towns we stoped of at on 24 hour trip! Gunning NSW

  4 Nice brisk morning at the Calder!


The Team inspecting the EXTREMALY banked track!


Just a snippet of the grandstands!



 Massive crowds/fans during the drivers signing!


Daigo “ninja” Saito weapon of choice for the DOME! This guy has really inspired me with his elite lvl of driving! 

adgp fd2The Federal 275-17-40 595 just waiting to create clouds

adgp fd 1Another Photo from Luke Hobbs, constantly producing AWESOME photos!9This in the number one  forged piston and rod that gave way

The first video from the weekend is here! Highlights from the ADGP and FD Asia doubler header at the Calder Park Thunderdome. Lots more coverage still to come on Speedweek, online and in Motive DVD.

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