So after the last season we have been chasing down some more HP. We ran the last 2 seasons on 440hp it was enough but we just want that bit more poke! This was the solution! ! We had been planing this build since mid last year with Dave and Fanki from JPP they really […]

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ADGP Title Fight

So this weekend a new “Australian Drift Champion” will be named! Flash back to Formula Drift syd Swapped out the 3.9 for 3.7 to give us longer legs in 3rd *more entry speed * This is what all of the Teams have worked for all year, all the blood sweat and tears! It comes down […]

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ADGP round 3 Adelaide

This weekend 31/01/2015 the Exedy Drift Team head to Adelaide for round 3 of ADGP, we are currently sitting in 5th place, to have a chance at the championship we really have to push hard for that number one spot this weekend! Loading up with the Queensland boys After hitting the wall at the top […]

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