We didn’t plan this event at all we go the call on Saturday morning and it was then we decided to make the trek 3.5 hours west to one of the best local tracks! Stadium Drift is run a lot different to most drift events – they don’t run a stranded qualifying program, a battle […]

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V8 Super cars perth

When we first started drifting in 2010 the V8 Super-cars banned the on track drift demo’s! We were over whelmed when ADGP sent us the invite to be a part of the Ride Of Your Life drift demo’s in Perth this also gave us a great venue to reveal our new set up and put […]

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So after the last season we have been chasing down some more HP. We ran the last 2 seasons on 440hp it was just enough but we need a bit more poke! We have decided to wind up the wick on the S15 for the 2015/16 season we will be doing this with a GTX […]

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ADGP Title Fight

So this weekend a new “Australian Drift Champion” will be named! Flash back to Formula Drift syd Swapped out the 3.9 for 3.7 to give us longer legs in 3rd *more entry speed * This is what all of the Teams have worked for all year, all the blood sweat and tears! It comes down […]

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